AroundTheTownChicago REVIEW: " 'Sweet Texas Reckoning' is HIGHLY RECOMMENDED! by Corey Bradberry

Sweet Texas Reckoning with Artemisia Theatre (Assistant Director & Dramaturg)

“Sweet Texas Reckoning” captures the world in a drop of pond water—or perhaps in a drop of alcohol.  From the first swig that Ellie (Molly Lyons) takes, we are introduced to a remarkable story of family secrets and dashed expectations: a tale of a family’s broken heart and its need for healing… Brutal honesty is the vehicle for the clash of cultures.

Strand Patron: "Killer Success" by Corey Bradberry

Murder: at The Strand II: Dark Matters with the Earl and Rachel Smith Strand Theater

At first glance, the two minds behind the theatre experiment that became a killer success can present as something of an odd couple.

Bradberry is a Chicago based, Atlanta born playwright and director with a Masters of Fine Arts in directing. Ledbetter is a professional virtual reality developer with a long history of game development and escape room design.

Dig a little deeper, though, and you’ll find that Bradberry has a history of taking on experimental theatre projects, and Ledbetter started out acting professionally before taking his passion for storytelling interactive. Ultimately, they’ll both tell you that even though they live in different worlds, they aim to deliver the same thing: a good story, well told.

Marietta Daily Journal: "A real whodunit: Murder at the Strand II full of mystery" by Corey Bradberry

Murder: at The Strand II: Dark Matters with the Earl and Rachel Smith Strand Theater

“It’s a chance to explore the Strand in a completely new way and also, a chance to have a lot of fun with a murder mystery,” Bradberry said. “You take control over your own experience. You can go through this play in a different way than the person who walks in before you. We put the power of the storytelling in the hands of the audience. "

Broadwayworld Chicago: Daniel Glenn's The Lakes Debuts at Chicago's Stage 773 as Acting/Directing Showcase by Corey Bradberry

"I am a major advocate for Daniel's writing, his characters are always so hilarious and heart-wrenching because they're so human," says Bradberry. "Watching John and Gladys struggle to understand each other is so funny because anyone who's ever been in a relationship has been a similar thing. At the same time, the Lakes have a struggle specific to them, and begs the audiences' empathy as the couple tries to learn to love each other again."

American Theatre Magazine: "Here, There, and Everywhere: The Alliance Theatre's Season on the Road" by Corey Bradberry

Discussion of Native Guard:

"...the choice of venue created a certain amount of friction, as Booth related. 'When we realized the kind of conversation that was happening around Native Guard, because people were seeing one narrative of the Civil War, and then walking across the hall and encountering another one, and they were having to deal with the storm front of those two mutually exclusive narratives'..."

Review: In “The Theory of Everything,” Collective Project plays it scrappy for big laughs ( 2012 by Corey Bradberry

The Theory of Everything: solve for X with The Collective Project Inc.

"It may not end up putting to bed all the mysteries of the universe as the title promises, but it does get sketch comedy right. This young company, with its fresh experiments, ends up schooling us quite a bit about the weird science that is live theater."

City of Atlanta Office of Cultural Affairs Announces 2013 Emerging Artist Award Winners by Corey Bradberry

“We are thrilled to have the opportunity to acknowledge this year’s Emerging Artist Award recipients,” said Camille Russell Love, Director of the Office of Cultural Affairs. “It is our hope that this award will help bring much deserved recognition to the recipients, each of whom are making a cultural difference in our city.”

REVIEW: Collective Project makes stellar debut with “City of Lions and Gods”--August 2011 by Corey Bradberry

City of Lions and Gods with The Collective Project Inc.

"These actors don’t work with elaborate sets, but using music, candles, period books and a few simple props, they create the immersive, unadorned present moments that are the hallmark of live theater. We’ve seen the world premiere of great, smart, original theater in the middle of August during cruddy economic times at a venue called “the Goat Farm.” Stranger things have happened in Atlanta, but rarely."