Excerpt from The Complete History of America (abridged) (2017)

Lincoln’s Assassination, with Stagedoor Manor. Special thanks to Judy Garland for the vocals.


Excerpts from The Crucible (2017)

Short portions of my M.F.A. Directing Thesis Production. Clips from opening night performance.

Inside the Proctor Home, Act II.

Mary Warren re-embraces a past falsehood. Note the use of ensemble in contrast to the Elizabeth/Proctor clip above.


Excerpts from Moby Dick Rehearsed (2016)

Taking a cue from Shakespeare’s King Lear, playwright Orson Welles brings Melville’s epic story to the stage. A Shakespearean company halts its rehearsal of Lear to try out a new script, an adaptation of Melville’s Moby Dick. The actors are dubious of the script’s potential at first but armed with a bare stage, a few props, and the dramatic imagination, the Pacific Ocean comes to life as Ahab pits himself against the White Whale.

Our production performed in the Hartwig Theater, in the Theatre & Dance Building @ the University of Southern Mississippi in April 2016. Clips were recorded during dress rehearsals, and above the audience seating area. The table in the downstage area was set aside for the script’s designated ‘stage manager,’ who ran the rehearsal and kept the company ‘on-script’.

“Pre-Show / The Chapel”
Pre-show look for context; Ishmael guides us to Father Mapple’s sermon in the Nantucket Chapel.

“Act One Finale”
Ahab rebels against the bully gods; Starbuck sees his fate.

“The Pequod Meets the Rachel”
Sister ship Rachel asks for assistance in locating a missing whaleboat; the crew looks to Ahab for orders. Includes actor-led scene transition.

More clips coming soon!