Murder! at The Strand (2018)

Earl & Rachel Smith Strand Theatre
Marietta, GA
April 2018

Playwright & Director: Corey Bradberry
Production & Game Designer: Jeremy Ledbetter
Lighting Design: Kevin Bunch
Stage Manager: Lindsey Sharpless

Featuring Ryan Vo, Michelle Neil, Elaine Friend, Emily Nedvidek, Akia Sembly, & Lindsey Dent (among many others)

Photos by Justin Hadley

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Artist Statement:

Murder! at The Strand is a 90-minute immersive theatrical who-dun-it commissioned by the Earl and Rachel Smith Strand Theatre in Marietta, GA. As director and playwright, I collaborated with my co-creator and escape room designer Jeremy Ledbetter to create a world which included twenty-two actors occupying the entirety of The Strand, from its dressing rooms on up to its 4th floor terrace.

One of the great joys of the project was writing with the character of the audience in mind. In this game/play, if you didn’t interrogate the actors along your clue trails you couldn’t progress along with the story-line.

Ultimately, your journey becomes the story as you attempt to piece together the plot of the nefarious crime.

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Press for the Production:

WABE 90.1FM (NPR): Preview: ” ‘Murder! At The Strand’ Makes Theatre Into A Game”

“The audience is set loose on the entire four floors of the Strand Theatre to search for clues, eavesdrop on conversations, even interact with the characters to grill them with questions. This is where the show becomes as much a role-playing game as it is a play… What could be furthest from the digital world than getting to play a little bit of Sherlock Holmes in an art deco theatre?”

GA Followers: ” ‘Murder! at The Strand’ and More”

“All is revealed in the parlor scene. But even there, you don’t just sit back and watch; you shout out the answers to usher in the conclusion. It’s part of what makes an offbeat show like this one perfect for those who don’t consider themselves theater people.”

Marietta Daily Journal: “New interactive, theatrical murder mystery coming to the Strand Theatre”

“Created by director and playwright Corey Bradberry and escape room designer Jeremy Ledbetter, this 75-minute interactive experience will invite patrons to take on the roles of audience members, witnesses to a crime and ultimately investigators following clues, interacting with the actors and examining the space to identify the culprit.”

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